• Nitrification Inhibitor

    What is a nitrification inhibitor, and what role does it play reducing greenhouse gases? Before understanding what a nitrification inhibitor is, we first need to take a step back and understand the role that nitrogen plays within agricultural soils.

  • ENTEC Accreditation

    To ensure the correct advice for when to use and when not to use ENTEC treated products Incitec Pivot Fertilisers have a accreditation program. This half day course must be successfully passed in order for dealers to be able to sell ENTEC Treated products in the Australian marketplace.

  • Improving Nutrient Efficiency

    The chemical properties of your soil and the nutrient being applied dictate how far your fertigated nutrient will move. Nitrate is a negatively charged molecule and so the negative charged soil colloid will not allow the nitrate to be held by the soil.

  • Soil Testing

    Soil testing is an accurate way to identify available soil nutrients that contribute to a plants nutritional requirements. To determine a soil’s fertility status and a crop’s fertiliser requirements, there are three key aspects to successful soil testing.

  • Trials in Sugar Cane

    Significant yield responses have been documented when ENTEC is used in a range of crops such as cereals, fruit, vegetables, tree crops, pastures and turf. Research is also showing how ENTEC can reduce nitrogen losses and potentially improve nitrogen use efficiency in sugar cane as well.

  • ENTEC Potato Trial

    At Atherton in 2011, a standard grower fertiliser program using Incitec Pivot CK800 was compared with an equivalent Entec CK800 fertiliser program and alternative Entec Nitrophoska and non Entec Nitrophoska fertiliser programs applied to potato.

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